How much does Spotify cost per month?

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What different Spotify price plans are available in 2021, and how much are they?

How much does Spotify cost per month? Spotify costs $9.99 a month for Premium membership, with Family, Student and other subscription options. There is also a Free version that is, as the name suggests, completely free to use.

Luckily for users, Spotify’s $9.99 per month individual Premium membership price hasn’t been raised since launch, despite the streaming platform constantly adding new and better features to the app. New subscribers can get Spotify Premium for free for three months by signing up to a trial subscription.

Premium gives you ad-free listening and offline playback. The free version of Spotify meanwhile has many of the same features, but with limits such as no offline listening and restricting you to six skips per hour. There’s also ads between songs and as banners on the app, of course designed to tempt you to subscribe to the $10 a month Premium.

Other Spotify Premium subscriptions available in the US include:

  • Spotify Premium Student – Student discount. $4.99 per month (3 months for free)
  • Spotify Premium Duo – Two Premium Account bundle. $12.99 per month (1 month free)
  • Spotify Premium Family – Six Premium accounts per household, with parental blocking. $15.99 per month (1 month free)

Subscriptions differ depending on where in the world you’re based. Spotify India for example also offers a Premium Mini subscription, which costs ₹7 a day or ₹25 for 1 week.

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