Spotify introduce Premium Mini in India – Unlimited ad-free music for 7 rupees/day or 25 rupees/week

Image Credit: Spotify

Spotify launch a cheaper plan in India – Premium Mini. For just 7 rupees/day ($0.10) or 25 rupees/week ($0.34) users get unlimited ad-free music and 30 song downloads.

Spotify’s new Premium Mini plan is offering Indian users unlimited ad-free music with 30 song downloads verses the 10k song downloads available with full Premium accounts. Premium Mini is available on one mobile device, rather than 5 devices such as a desktop with Spotify Premium. Finally, audio quality is limited to 160 kbps against 320 kbps with Premium.

This marks the cheapest way in India to listen to ad-free music on Spotify, with additional access to some song downloads. No credit card is required, subscribers can pay with either UPI or Paytm.

Full Premium subscriptions in the country currently cost 999 rupees/year ($13.49) until this offer ends 31st December 2020, or 119 rupees/month ($1.62).

Spotify India Comparison

After launching in India in February 2019, Spotify are hoping this will help them bring users from huge streaming competitors such as JioSaavn and Gaana.

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