If Spotify free music streaming makes you think there must be a catch, let’s clear things up.

Is Spotify Free really free? Yes, it’s trueSpotify’s free version won’t cost you a thing.

However… There are a few restrictions when compared to the paid version, Spotify Premium, so Spotify Free is free in terms of monetary cost to the user but perhaps not free in terms of convenience.

Is free Spotify good?

As is to be expected, you don’t get the full Spotify experience from the free app. With Spotify Free you’re restricted to six skips an hour. Users also don’t get the option to download tracks for offline listening, which might cost you in data usage.

There’s still the same discovery features offered in Premium, with personalised song recommendations, but not features like Enhanced playlists. You can search the app, and make use of the social media sharing options.

How is Spotify free?

"Music for everyone"
Image Credit: Spotify

Spotify is able to offer a free subscription because of the money it gets from audio advertisements which slot in between songs and appear as banners on the app. These ads are of course designed to make you want to sign up to Premium for undisturbed listening of your favourite songs.

How do I get Spotify Premium?

Spotify Premium header

Spotify is much better if you’re able to pay for it. You can try out Spotify Premium for free for three months and explore everything the app has to offer – afterwards, Premium costs $9.99.

But, if you can’t afford access to Spotify Premium right now, Spotify Free is a perfectly usable basic version that lets you experience the power of Spotify and stream music for free.

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