Using a distributor like RouteNote, how long does it take to put music on Spotify? Not long at all!

How long does Spotify take to upload music? Using RouteNote distribution, we aim for 72 hours for a song to be approved (however this can extend during busy periods), and a couple of days extra for it to appear on Spotify.

Artists can’t put songs on Spotify by themselves – you need a digital music distributor to get your music online. At RouteNote we offer unlimited free music distribution, putting your music straight onto the top music streaming platforms and download stores around the world, including Spotify. And we do it fast.

Uploading with RouteNote is quick and easy. First sign up for a free RouteNote account to upload your tracks. After filling in the metadata and uploading your artwork, choose which of our partners you want your music to be released to. It doesn’t matter how many services you want to distribute your music to – it won’t cost you a penny extra.

You can choose Free or Premium distribution to get your songs on Spotify. RouteNote’s Free distribution option has no fees. Once you start earning royalties from people discovering your music, you keep 85% of revenue.

If you choose Premium, you’ll receive all the benefits of Free distribution but keep 100% of your royalties for a small upfront and yearly cost.

The RouteNote moderation team will then check your release is all good to go and free of copyright and format errors. Approval takes up to 72 hours. Your music will then usually be uploaded to Spotify a couple of days later.

Want to get started? Head to to get your music on Spotify for free.