Image credit: Souvik Banerjee

Adding music to your YouTube video can be done in a variety of ways, many of which are seamless and easy.

Okay, so you’ve just created a video for YouTube and you need to add a soundtrack perhaps? Or maybe you need an introductory sound for your channel’s videos? Whatever the function there are plenty of options for you to add an array of music or sounds to your YouTube videos. 

Upload a track whilst editing your video 

This is arguably the most obvious way to add music to your YouTube video, however, you may find yourself getting a copyright strike or the audio from your video being removed. YouTube’s Content ID system is extremely clever at rooting out unlicensed use of music. Of course, if you have written permission from the artist to use the track that’s fine, but you still may be stroked and then you need to go through the process of showing proof. If the music is yours then you’re fine to use it as long as the video isn’t generating money. However, by distributing your music to YouTube via services such as ours at RouteNote, you can generate revenue from your music. When uploading your track simply select the YouTube Content ID box and your music will be uploaded for use on YouTube. This way you will generate royalties every time it’s used by a creator. 

Use YouTube’s library of licensed songs

YouTube for a while has had its own video editor studio, which allows you to edit the audio and video of your content in-house, meaning you don’t need external software. In addition to this, they also added a massive free audio library that creators can use for free. The audio clips and songs used from this library are also allowed on monetized videos. Once signed in to your YouTube account head to YouTube Studio, from the left menu select ‘Content’, click the video you’d like to edit, from the left menu click ‘Editor’, then in the audio row select ‘Add a Track’. You can select a variety of tracks based on mood, vibe, as well as a custom search box if you’re looking for anything specific. 

Royalty-free music with Synchedin 

If you’re in a pickle for finding audio for video then you can use royalty-free sites such as Synchedin. Here you can find an expansive library of music, images, and sounds that you can use in your content. Synchedin also offers a huge selection of Creative Commons License sound effects, meaning you can head to their website right now and download them for use without paying a thing. 

If you want to gain access to their entire library then you can do so for a fee of $3.99 a month or sign up for the whole year for $39.99. 

Their library is ever-expanding with a dedicated team who are always looking to tailor for their user’s needs. To find out more about Synchedin you can do so here, feel free to browse their catalog as well.