Queen Bey makes historic debut with her first country album: Cowboy Carter breaks records on Spotify & Amazon Music.

Beyoncé‘s foray into country music with her latest album, ‘COWBOY CARTER,’ has sent shockwaves through the music industry, shattering records on both Spotify and Amazon Music within just two days of its release on March 29th.

This historic debut comes hot on the heels of her chart-topping country single, ‘Texas Hold ‘Em‘. As if stepping into a brand new genre wasn’t impressive enough for the queen of pop, Spotify revealed that COWBOY CARTER is now the “most-streamed album in a single day so far in 2024”.

Beyoncé’s album has similarly seen huge success on Amazon Music, becoming their platform’s biggest album debut ever. The album broke two platform records for “the most first-day global streams of all her albums” and “the most first-day streams for a country album by a female artist”.

This isn’t Beyoncés first foray into country music, recording the song Daddy Issues for her 2016 album Lemonade. The Recording Academy’s country music committee rejected ‘Daddy Lessons‘ for a GRAMMY nomination in the genre. That experience helped inspire Beyoncé’s latest album after questioning what a black women must do to be acknowledged in the genre. With the astonishing results from her country record, it’s clear that she can’t be ignored anymore.

Recounting an experience of exclusion in the past, she revealed how it fuelled a deep dive into the history of country music. ‘COWBOY CARTER’ serves not only as a personal exploration but also as a celebration of the genre’s rich heritage and the artists who shaped it.

Beyoncé particularly wanted to explore the influence that black people have had in the genre, as she did for house and dance music in her 2022 album ‘RENAISSANCE’. The album’s success underscores the unifying power of music and Beyonce’s dedication to amplifying diverse voices within the industry.

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