Can I split royalties between artists, producers, vocalists and more?

Yes. Upload your music to RouteNote, distribute to stores/streaming services, and use our free split tool to dish out percentages of revenue.

Once you’ve distributed your music through RouteNote, to top stores and streaming services such as Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, Tidal and more, head to Artist Services in the top panel and click Revenue sharing.

Revenue sharing

Fill out the form and your request will be processed by our team within 72 hours.

Revenue sharing is available on both Free and Premium releases. If you selected Premium Distribution when uploading your release, 100% of the revenue will be split between you and your collaborators.

For Free releases, the percentage is applied after RouteNote take 15%. For example if you’d like your release split 50/50 between you and your collaborator, the release will split as follows:

  • YOU – 42.5%
  • COLLABORATOR – 42.5%
  • RouteNote – 15%
Head to, upload your release, then Revenue sharing to get started.

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