TuneCore vs. RouteNote vs. DistroKid – music distributors compared in 2021

TuneCore, RouteNote or DistroKid? Which music distributor is right for all independent artists and labels of all sizes.

How to distribute to new stores as they’re added to RouteNote

With RouteNote constantly partnering with new stores, how do you ensure your release is always on as many platforms as possible?

Is DistroKid a good options for labels?

DistoKid’s offering of unlimited uploads for $19.99 per year may on the surface seem a good deal, but this misses many key details.

Why does DistroKid not distribute to SoundCloud?

DistroKid distribute to many of the same top stores, streaming services and social platform as RouteNote, but miss a key partner.

How do I move my music to RouteNote from DistroKid?

If you’re looking to move your music to RouteNote for free distribution or our unbeatable Premium prices then thankfully you can, easily. We pride ourselves on making music distribution easy and painless for artists everywhere…

Why isn’t the Napster Music Streaming Service Available on DistroKid?

Distrokid has a limited number of store partners across the world as it has always focused purely on specific stores. However, RouteNote allows artists to add their music to Napster for Free (even if they…

Distrokid vs. RouteNote Comparison

Distrokid seemingly offer a standard yearly plan to get your music to stores and streaming services, but basic features offered by RouteNote are hidden behind extra fees. For $19.99/year, Distrokid will send your music to…

Distrokid YouTube Content ID Run by Audiam

Distrokid has been using Audiam to collect their YouTube Content ID royalties since the beginning. Over the past few months artists have been having issues with adding their music to the YouTube Content ID system…

Distrokid Hidden Fees?

It has been widely known that Distrokid have additional fees that they don’t like to publicise. Here is a quick run down of those fees. These hidden fees rapid increase their distribution fees to a…

Free YouTube Content ID Alternative – Distrokid Stop YouTube Content ID

It has been bought to our attention that Distrokid have abruptly stopped offering YouTube Content ID to some of their clients. RouteNote offers YouTube Content ID inside both our Free and Premium services. All you…