Shazam ditch ads for uninhibited music discovery

Apple have cleared Shazam’s mobile of it’s adverts for a clean music discovery experience without distractions when you want to find the songs playing around you.

Apple completed their acquisition of song recognition and discovery app Shazam in September almost a year after they begun the process. In a fairly major move Apple have decided to completely get rid of ads on Shazam’s mobile apps so that it’s a free uninterrupted experience.

The app previously had ads on the borders of it’s pages when you scanned songs or browsed music through the app. The app still works the same, opening to the ‘Tap to Shazam’ screen where you can press the big logo to immediately start scanning the music playing around you. Beyond that you can explore your own musical profile and discover music as always.

The move to go ad-free has caused some to question whether this could signify plans by Apple to monetise the free app in other ways, which wouldn’t be a surprise considering Apple’s usual business practices. However it seems in the case of Shazam they just want the app to be a smooth experience as they use it to promote their music streaming service Apple Music.

Shazam has integrated many of the biggest music streaming services into their app for years, allowing you to head to the song’s page or add it to your library in apps like Spotify, Google Play Music, Deezer and others once you’ve scanned it. Now Apple have prioritised Apple Music so it’s the highlighted option on every release, although you can click the three dots next to the Apple Music button to add it to other services.

Apple first revealed their plans to purchase Shazam last December and they finally achieved it after EU approval in September. Apple said after the acquisition was completed that they would be going ad-free and said that “Apple and Shazam are a natural fit”. According to the company this is just the beginning, as they claim they “have exciting plans in store”.

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