Spotify Testing ‘Fan Insights’ Dashboard For Artists

Spotify Fan Insights is now a fully fledged feature called Spotify for Artists. Sign up and find out more here:

‘Spotify Fan Insights’ is a potential new feature being tested by Spotify that offers data and insights to artists on Spotify about their listeners.

With over 70 million users worldwide Spotify is the biggest music streaming service in the world. With so many users a large majority of artist’s fans will be listening to them using streaming services, in particular Spotify.

With ‘Spotify Fan Insights’ Spotify are giving artists the ability to view their listeners’ demographics and geographic information from the hardcore fans to the casual listener. Fan Insights will feature a custom dashboard that will lay out general information about artists’ listeners as a whole as well as their listening habits to aid planning gig locations.

Spotify Fan Insights
“‘Fan Engagement’ shows how many fans tuned in over the past month, and surfaces unique listener behaviours.”

Vice president of product Charlie Hellman spoke to Music Ally, saying: “In our interactions with artists and managers, getting a handle on fans and superfans in particular was a really high priority for them. Those fans and superfans have a disproportionate impact on revenue: they’re the people who’ll buy tickets, VIP packages, merchandise and will be the social evangelists for the band.”

Spotify Fan Insights
“‘Where They Are’ shows where an artist’s listeners and fans are by country.”

The service will allow artists to go as far as dissecting individual songs and see how they’re being discovered: through Spotify playlists, user playlists, saved music, discovery and so on. Artists can also see which playlists they are on and the number of listeners on the top 100. even so far as how many listeners were new to the artist when listening on the playlist.

Spotify Fan Insights
“‘How They Listen’ shows how fans listen to an artist across different areas within Spotify (e.g. expert playlists vs a listeners own collection).”

As well as wanting to provide more tools for artists Fan Insights is also an attempt by Spotify to show the importance of listeners and fans rather than individual streams. Mark Williamson, Spotify’s head of artist services, said: “The problem with ‘streams’ is that they go up almost no matter what happens: as Spotify adds millions more users, streams go up. What’s useful with ‘listeners’ is that they are the context of real people – real sets of ears – as opposed to what can be an abstract context of millions of streams. Listeners give you a sense of actual fans out there.”

Spotify Fan Insights
“The Playlists tab shows the top playlists containing an artist’s music.”

With the recent addition of Spotify’s Concerts feature, that recommends live performances based on your listening and location, Fan Insights could really help artists push out promotions to new listeners for touring and merchandise.

Insights were available for Spotify before but only a moderate amount and only to artist’s with the power to persuade Spotify. With Fan Insights Spotify hope to show their dedication to helping artists as they plan to open it up to all artists after testing. It is currently being tested by a select number of artists.

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