Shazam Tracks Straight to Rdio or Spotify Playlists

Shazam, a music discovery app that identifies music by ‘listening’ with a device’s microphone, has increased it’s integration with music streaming services; Rdio and Spotify.

This new addition means that users of Spotify and Rdio’s free tier services can Shazam a track and instantly add it to a playlist on either service if you have connected your respective accounts to your Shazam app.

For paying subscribers – on Rdio Unlimited and Spotify Premium – the feature was already available but now all users can access the ability to add a song to playlists anywhere so you have no excuse to forget the new songs you discover.

Shazam chief product officer, Daniel Danker, said: “By working with our streaming partners, Shazam is making it simple for fans to do what they love most when they discover a new song or artist – sit back and listen.”

“It’s also never been easier to add tracks you discover to a playlist – just connect to Rdio or Spotify, and anytime you Shazam, we’ll make sure those tracks are waiting for you on a playlist the next time you look.”

Since it’s inception Shazam has seen considerable growth and has implemented many additional features and integrations with other services including expansions in cinema, TV and advertising.

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