The best times to post on TikTok 2021

When running or handling social media accounts it is essential you know the best times too post for maximum reach and engagement.

Biden cancels Trump’s TikTok Ban

President Joe Biden has finally overturned Donald Trump’s ban on TikTok in the US – but TikTok isn’t out of the woods yet.

Where To Find Your TikTok Analytics

Utilising your analytics on the short form video platform is extremely important for creators, here are where and how to monitor them.

Is TikTok more popular than Instagram now?

Despite Trump’s recent efforts to banish the huge Chinese social app from the US, it’s more popular than Instagram amongst US teens. A recent study shows, perhaps unsurprisingly, that TikTok is huge amongst teenagers in…

TikTok will be banned on US app stores from Sunday

TikTok is officially being banned from stores this weekend in the US with the potential to become illegal to download in the coming months. Trump threatened to ban TikTok, claiming that it’s creators ByteDance had…

TikTok propose Oracle for Trump-mandated US handover

TikTok have potentially decided on their new partner to take over data operations in the US following President Trump’s threats. Last month, ol’ Don Trump threatened the huge social video app TikTok with a shutdown…

TikTok CEO points at Facebook, faces a lawsuit from Triller

As TikTok faces a potential ban in the US they’re looking to Facebook as part of the cause. Meanwhile their primary competitor has filed a legal complaint against them. Until the last month it seemed…