Phillips Hue and Spotify team up

Phillips Hue and Spotify have partnered up to bring listeners the ability to create epic mood lighting whilst using the streaming service.

Where To Find Your TikTok Analytics

Utilising your analytics on the short form video platform is extremely important for creators, here are where and how to monitor them.

TikTok named a threat to YouTube as it makes 2020 it’s year

TikTok was already rocketing up app charts around the world and now with the world on lockdown it’s making more connections than ever. YouTube are the long-standing video giants and it’s long been thought that…

TikTok hits 2 billion downloads and it’s not slowing down

TikTok are flipping huge, there’s no denying it and they’re only growing more impressively every single month. The latest from TikTok shows that the social video sharing app has been downloaded over 2 billion times…

TikTok Radio brings the hottest trending songs together

Listen to all the biggest trending songs on TikTok with a one-stop stream now playing on Resso. One of the things people love most about TikTok is how musical it is. With over a billion…

Tones and I – Dance Monkey – My Favourite Remix vs Original

Tones and I – Dance Monkey is going viral all across TikTok and its making it then go viral on other services. Above is my favourite remix of the track and below is the original….