Image Credit: Spotify

Exciting announcements and partnerships will be revealed at Spotify Stream On, with special guests.

Spotify have announced Stream On – a global virtual event which will see the platform sharing the latest news in audio streaming, giving a rare peek behind the curtain at where the company is headed. Details are a closely-guarded secret.

Teasing a ‘new golden age of audio’, Spotify have said they have news for the future of podcast discovery and plans to give creators ‘new tools that have never before been possible’. Expect to hear from famous voices, and discover what shape the future of audio might take.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer Daniel Ek said, ‘There’s a lot to celebrate. We a lot of news for creators and listeners.’

This being one of the first times Spotify has put on a tech conference-type event, they’re keeping the details under wraps. Speakers will range from global artists, podcast creators to Spotify employees. Stream On’s emphasis will apparently be on Spotify’s 8 million creators, and also touch on consumer experience.

It’s not just the event itself that’s intriguing. After market close on the day Ek, along with Chief Financial Officer Paul Vogel, will host an investor discussion and Q&A in relation to the event.

There’s not that much longer to wait. All will be revealed at the Spotify Stream On event on Monday 22nd February at 11am EST, in a livestream on the Spotify ‘For The Record’ Blog and on YouTube.

Listen to the announcement below: