Spotify continues their push to highlight the often forgotten contributors to the music we love with a new website dedicated to songwriters.

In the last year Spotify launched a new Songwriter’s Hub on their platform where listeners could discover the people writing the music but not necessarily performing it. It expanded upon the Songwriter’s pages they had slowly been launching – artist pages dedicated to listing the music that creators had writing credits on.

Now they have launched Noteable, a new website which brings together all of the features they can offer songwriters and information on how they can make the most of their contributions on Spotify. Much like the Spotify for Artists website, it features news on their offerings as well as tools for Songwriters to take advantage of.

For the people writing down lyrics, humming melodies, and crafting hooks. For the people boosting low ends, hitting high notes, and mixing the beats. For the people who discover, support, and connect them. This is Noteable.

Spotify Publishing Analytics offers those publishing their music next-day analytics, whilst a direct link to Spotify for Artists helps Songwriters get on board with tracking their performance on all their songs, features, and credits. Spotify’s new series ‘Songwriter Saturdays’ will speak to artists each week to hear their stories of working with major artists behind the scenes.

Keep track of everything happening on Spotify’s new Noteable pages and their updates for songwriters on their Instagram and Twitter pages. Head to Noteable to find out more and make the most of your contributions to music.