Image Credit: Spotify for Artists

Spotify for Artists interviewed breakthrough artists Jenevieve, glaive and Emanuel about the success from their first year on the streaming platform.

While much of the music industry suffered through 2020, with live shows around the world cancelled, music streaming saw its most successful year yet as millions turned to services such as Spotify to soundtrack their new working-from-home lifestyle.

With this, more artists than ever saw tremendous success on the platform. Spotify reported over 60,000 artists crossed the 100,000 monthly listeners threshold at some point in 2020. 6,500 of these artists had never released music prior to 2020. Among these newbies were R&B artists Jenevieve and Emanuel, as well as teenage hyperpop singer-producer glaive. Spotify for Artists caught up with these three successful artists to discuss reaching the 100k milestone, the songs that helped put them on the map and the most surprising stat from their 2020 Wrapped.

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Image Credit: Spotify for Artists

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