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Make sure you’re ready for Spotify Wrapped 2022 with Spotify’s checklist for artists, including how to use new features including video messages and fundraising tools.

Spotify Wrapped is the highlight of the calendar for Spotify users, and it also makes December very exciting for Spotify artists. 2022 Wrapped will see Spotify offering artists new tools to connect with top fans, so make the most of the chance while you have your listeners’ attention.

When your music is included in a fan’s Wrapped, the spotlight is on you, and you need to be sure you’re looking the best you can be on your Spotify profile. What’s the best way for musicians to capitalise on this worldwide buzz at the end of the year?

Check out Spotify’s five top tips for getting ready and making the most of 2022 Wrapped as a Spotify artist.

Promote your next concerts on Spotify Wrapped

In 2022 Spotify is including concert promotion in Spotify Wrapped. Having streamed your music all year, top fans will be reminded where they can catch you live.

This means your should make sure your shows are properly listed on Ticketmaster or another site affiliated with Spotify.

As long as the dates are correct on your Spotify profile, Spotify will promote them to your top listeners when Wrapped rolls around.

How to upload an artist message video for Spotify Wrapped

Another new feature lets artists post video messages thanking fans for the year’s streams and support. So how does it work, and where do you post the artist message?

  • First, record a video on your mobile device. It needs to be shot in vertical mode. You can’t include lyrics, music, singing, or explicit content; filters, text, and graphics are also a no-go.  
  • You get 30 seconds to open up about 2022 – maybe say thank you to your listeners, list your top moments, or talk about what 2023 has in store.
  • Once you’ve recorded your video, upload it on the Spotify for Artists app or on desktop here. Be sure to add a brief caption.
Artist Message for Spotify Wrapped 2022

Make sure you upload your video before the 18 November deadline!

Add merchandise to your Spotify Wrapped marketing campaign

Along with concert recommendations Spotify also promotes merch in Spotify Wrapped. Important: To take advantage, you’ll need to have updated your merch on Spotify by 7 November, otherwise your newest swag won’t be eligible.

Spotify will add your merch automatically to your Wrapped promotion. Just make sure your Shopify store is linked to your Spotify for Artists, and publish your new merch to Spotify Sales Channel. Link your store here.

Smarten up your Spotify profile

Your top fans have been streaming your music all year, but when was the last time they had a good look at your profile? Well, they’re bound to when you appear on their Spotify Wrapped, so spruce up your Spotify artist page.

Its about time you uploaded a new artist profile image, so your fans see you at your trendiest. Its a good idea to update your artist bio, too, taking the chance to take stock of the year and list any new achievements or new directions your music is going in.

And are you verified on Musixmatch yet? The lyric tool syncs your lyrics to your songs. Another way for your fans to get a little bit closer to you as they sing along and analyse your verses.

Spotify suggests revealing a little more about your musical taste beyond your own tracks by making a playlist showing your favourite songs and artists of 2022, and using Artist Pick on your profile to showcase it.

Raise money at the same time with Fan Support

Spotify Fan Support

Spotify wants to link the sharing spirit of Wrapped with the December holiday season, suggesting that artists can tap into the season of goodwill by using the Fan Support feature on the platform.

Fan Support can be used to collect artist tips or you can nominate a charity. Either way, the fundraising drive will be promoted in your Wrapped to your top fans.

Learn about Fan Support here.

Finally, when 2022 Wrapped comes around, don’t forget to look out for your personal Spotify Wrapped for Artists to see your yearly stats of streams, listeners, playlist adds and more.

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