Image Credit: Spotify

How can I find a Spotify concert near me? Spotify has updated the Concert Hub and renamed it Live Events Feed. Check it out here.

On Spotify, tours, concerts and festivals featuring your favourite artists can now be found easily on a new Live Events Feed. Shows are in a scrollable list based on your location and listening history.

According to Spotify, most of the world’s music concerts are listed on the app. The update has a new design that puts artists centre-stage, with a sleeker design featuring more imagery and more information for the user.

If a Spotify user is listening to an artist who has an upcoming gig, the tour date will appear in the app next to the artist as the song plays. The redesign keeps users on the Spotify app rather than heading elsewhere to find out about tour dates or learn more about the artist.

Sam Sheridan, Product Manager for Live Events Discovery at Spotify, said: “Fans engage with artists on-platform, but then they leave to search for listings online or to even follow artists on social media for the sole purpose of staying on top of their events. We think the Live Events Feed is an opportunity to help close this loop.”

Spotify says the changes are based on two years of learning from the behaviour of fans and studying the music industry as a whole. With live events back in full swing two years into the pandemic, the redesign is timely.

How to check concerts on Spotify

To see concerts near you on Spotify, search for “live events” in the search bar on the app. Alternatively, shows will appear displayed in a carousel on the Spotify mobile app homepage.

Tap on Live Events (Genre & Moods) to find a list of concerts based on your listening habits.

Your location will be automatically selected at the top of the page and the shows displayed will be taking place close to you.

You can change the location to find shows in other regions.

Keep scrolling to find shows “Popular Near You,” which aren’t based on your previously listened-to artists or genres.

Tapping on an event takes you to the concert page, showing exactly when and where the artist is playing, as well as other artists on the line up.

Hit the link to buy tickets. Partners include Ticketmaster, Eventbrite, DICE, See Tickets, and AXS.

There’s also a Recommended For You section, showing other concerts you might be interested in, and a link to listen to the artist’s catalogue.

A share icon generates a card that you can instantly post on social media like Instagram to boast that you’re going, or send via WhatsApp to convince your friends to come along too!

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