You can make money on Spotify with rebranded Fan Support feature

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Where have Artist Fundraising Picks gone on Spotify? Never fear, they’ve just been replaced with Fan Support.

“Tip jar” for artists Artist Fundraising Pick on Spotify has been officially renamed Fan Support. The streaming platform says the name change reflects the shift in how artists are using the feature to earn money on Spotify.

Spotify’s Artist Fundraising Pick was launched in 2020 at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic to allow listeners to donate to a charitable cause displayed on a Spotify artist’s profile. As artist incomes were squeezed by restrictions on live events, many artists also used their Pick to ask for monetary support from their fans.

To date fans have clicked through on the links over 50 million times. Spotify says of the 200,000 artists previously using a Fundraising Pick the vast majority use it to ask for contributions from fans towards their career, with the remaining 10% raising money for charity.

Artists are clearly in need of the feature that offers both a way for them to earn some extra cash and also gives fans a chance to show their appreciation beyond streaming new releases and listening again to old favourites.

In a statement, Spotify said: “With Fan Support, fans have an opportunity to directly support the artists they love and also get behind causes that artists care about most. At the same time, artists have the flexibility and freedom to respond to the world around them, welcoming fan tips one week and rallying them around a global cause the next.”

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