Image Credit: YouTube

YouTube is launching its first podcast “The Upload: The Rise of the Creator Economy,” sharing secrets from its successful influencers on starting a business YouTube channel.

YouTube is heading into a new game with its first ever podcast. In the new series influencers will share the secrets of how to make money using YouTube and build a successful business using the platform.

The podcast, titled The Upload: The Rise of the Creator Economy, is the first-ever from YouTube. Being a podcast, it’s a step away from YouTube’s traditional video format.

Each episode in the five-part series will go behind the scenes of the business of a YouTube creator, featuring an interview with a different influencer who has been successful in building a thriving business. It will explore how the platform works and how people make money on YouTube from humble beginnings recording in their rooms.

The Upload is a smart way for YouTube to show how its creators are blossoming on the platform, and inspire new creators to get serious about making money on YouTube. Hosted by journalist Brittany Luse, the first episode features creator Lilly Singh. Later episodes will feature Emmy Cho, the Lau Family, and Caleb Marshall.

Despite being the first podcast by YouTube, it isn’t exclusive to the platform and will also be available outside of YouTube on services like Spotify and Apple Music and on smart speakers.

New episodes of The Upload will be available each Wednesday starting September 22nd.  You can subscribe here.