Don’t lose your YouTube music royalties. Let’s quickly explore how to make money from music on YouTube.

How do I collect YouTube royalties? Through YouTube Content ID. Content ID searches the whole of YouTube to find where your song has been used in videos, making sure you get paid when your music is used on YouTube.

What is the YouTube Content ID system?

When you upload your music for free to RouteNote for distribution, you can select Content ID to keep track of your songs across YouTube. Without charging you a cent, we work with YouTube to make sure your royalties are collected.

YouTube Content ID tracks down your music on the platform, in videos, art tracks and YouTube Shorts.

Content ID is useful for YouTube creators as they can add songs to their videos without having to first track down the owner of the music copyright, and great for artists because the system finds the video and credits the rightsholder, ensuring the artist gets paid.

YouTube Sync license

RouteNote artists can also get YouTube sync royalties. It’s royalties that you might not know you’re entitled to. If your music is eligible for Content ID and you own the composition rights to your song, we can collect Sync royalties on behalf of you.

Micro-sync royalties are generated through synchronization on YouTube, for music set to moving images, and are an extra source of revenue. Our new micro sync royalty service will collect royalties for the composition of the song, not just the sound recording royalties that Content ID collects.

RouteNote artists can apply for micro-sync royalty collection by filling out this form here.

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