YouTube Content ID protects your music on the platform, and you can get it for free by uploading your music to RouteNote distribution.

Should I copyright my music before putting it on YouTube? Yes – to ensure your music is protected on YouTube, you should first make sure your song is in the YouTube Content ID system. Free distribution with RouteNote makes it simple to get paid for streams of your music on YouTube.

Fight for your rights! Adding your music to YouTube Content ID with RouteNote protects your music across the whole wonderful world of YouTube, so you always get paid whenever your songs are used in videos including YouTube Shorts. Content ID trawls the site and automatically finds your songs.

To get set up, it’s as simple as selecting YouTube Content ID in the stores when you upload your tracks to RouteNote. After a few weeks, YouTube will put your music into the system and you’ll start to earn from the views of videos that use your music.

Content ID is based on the audio copyright, directing the flow of revenue to you, the owner of the music copyright, without impacting the uploader’s channels – it’s not a copyright strike.

Getting your music online with RouteNote is absolutely free. As well as YouTube, we can upload your tracks to streaming services like YouTube Music and Apple Music, as well as social media platforms including TikTok. You get unlimited uploads and keep 85% of revenue.

If you know your release is going to generate a lot of plays and streams, Premium distribution costs a small amount and lets you keep 100% of earnings.

So, to ensure you protect your rights as an artist, make sure you select Copyright ID when you upload your music to RouteNote.

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