Warm Audio introduces the WA-47F and WA-CX12 condenser microphones

Warm Audio has announced the WA-47F and WA-CX12 microphones. The WA-47F is WA’s take on Neumann’s U47 FET while the WA-CX12 finds its inspiration in the AKG C12.

Universal Audio UAFX guitar amp emulators promise the sound of iconic tube amplifiers

Universal Audio’s new Dream ’65, Ruby ’63 and Woodrow ’55 pedals offer an authentic sound of iconic vintage American and British tube guitar amplifiers housed in a timeless UA design.

Affordable MIDI keyboards for beginner home studios in 2022

Affordable MIDI keyboard controllers are an intuitive solution if you want to be more interactive with music composition on computers. With one small MIDI keyboard controller, you can make big moves within your DAW.

Audient EVO 16: an affordable ‘smart’ audio interface for seamless recording

The Audient EVO 16 is a 24-in/24-out device with a one-knob control system. This delightful interface seems to rewrite everything we know about Audient Evo interfaces and changes the game completely.

Rodecaster Pro II: a home mixing desk for recording artists

The Rodecaster Pro II is a mixing desk for all creators – including recording artists. Four microphone/instruments allow you to expand your hoe studio.

Top affordable studio monitors for professional music-making

Near field monitors present little details that we may not notice in our headphones. But professional speakers often have high prices, so affordable studio speakers allow beginners to dip their toes in.

Best beginner audio interfaces for recording vocals and guitars

An audio interface is an essential tool when recording audio. Each interface will have different traits that may or may not suit your needs better.

3 free DAWs for professional recording, beat making and producing

Making music has long been expensive, and that’s before you even touch a microphone. But free DAWs are changing that. As they become more feature rich, free DAWs for beginners are becoming more and more professional.

Top 5 studio microphones for recording vocals at home

Shopping for your first microphone is overwhelming. We’ve listed our favourite five vocal microphones and what makes them special for big and small budgets.

Output Movement is on sale for £41 at Thomann

Movement is a multi-effects plugin that distinguished Output has a major plugin developer. Now you can get it for just £41!