Minimal Audio has introduced its last plugin of the year: Swarm Reverb. Originally a feature in the well-received Current synth, Swarm Reverb is now available as a standalone dual stage reverb plugin that provides a versatile and innovative approach to reverb.

Crafted for those seeking expansive ambience, pumping spaces, and lush creative effects, Minimal’s Swarm Reverb comes loaded with features that promise to make it a must-have in a producer’s toolkit.

Swarm Reverb

Swarm Reverb offers distinct early and late reflection algorithms and provides intuitive hands-on controls for you to make appropriate tweaks. Generate intimate room ambience or expansive spatial decays while the precise controls and visual insights make for easy monitoring of how the reverb taps react to your parameter settings.

Key features:

  1. Dial in your sound: Fine-tune your reverb sound with individual early and late reflection algorithms.
  2. Everything you need: Built-in ducking, tempo-synced pre-delay, stereo width control, and separate input and diffusion filtering ensure seamless integration into your track.
  3. Explore and discover: With features like pre-delay feedback and real-time adjustable size, Swarm Reverb becomes a potent sound design tool that doesn’t require too much screen real estate.
  4. Precision control: The plugin offers an array of controls, including attack control, synced and feedback pre-delay, input filters, diffusion, integrated ducking, real-time modulation, soft-clip limiter, and in-app tooltips for ease of use.

Compatibility and availability

Ascending the ranks of the Current synth, Minimal Audio’s SAwarm reverb is now available as a standalone product with a perpetual license priced at $49. However, Minimal Audio is offering an introductory price of $29 for a limited time during the holiday season, coinciding with their ongoing Holiday Sale.

Subscribers of Minimal Audio’s newsletter can further benefit from a special discounted rate of $29 too! Swarm is compatible with both PC and Mac platforms, supporting VST2, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin formats.