After Behringer’s launch of its Oberheim OB-X8 replica, Cherry Audio has released a software emulation of another Oberheim classic as an early FREE Christmas present for music producers and sound designers.

The Cherry Audio Synthesizer Expander Module plugin is the developer’s take on the legendary Oberheim SEM.

Cherry’s new synth is an authentic software emulation of the Oberheim SEM that captures the character of the classic synth. It’s available for free download throughout December 2023 and offers a nostalgic addition to a producer’s arsenal.

The Cherry Audio Synth Expander Module

This monophonic instrument boasts two oscillators featuring saw and pulse waveforms. Then, using provided parameters like pulse width and tuning, you can start bending and shaping your oscillators into bigger sounds.

Although it’s modelled as a limited analog hardware emulation, the Synthesizer Expander Module offers a range of excellent features like its state variable filter (SVF) which offers high-pass, low-pass, and bandpass configurations.

The original SEM was a pretty basic synth, especially compared to modern competition, its 12dB/octave filter went a long way in defining the instrument.

While some features found in paid emulations are absent (oscillator FM, an LFO, and a few more), the Synthesizer Expander Module offers robust sound and engaging controls.

Though the Synth Module doesn’t have a built-in arpeggiator or sequencer, you can integrate external sequencers like Stochas. However, the package does include a bespoke phaser inspired by early Oberheim stomp boxes and a delay.


The Cherry Audio Synth Expander Module is compatible with both macOS and Windows, available as a VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin.

The Synth Module is part of Cherry Audio’s growing synth ecosystem and joins the ranks of the Realistic MG-1, Chery’s previous free offering. This holiday gift from Cherry Audio is a celebration of their fifth anniversary in the desktop music production space.

As a token of gratitude to the music community, Cherry Audio invites musicians to download the Synthesizer Expander Module.