Antares has delivered the perfect companion for its renowned Auto-Tune plugin – Vocal Reverb, an AI-assisted reverb plugin designed to enhance mixing workflows for producers and artists.

Auto-Tune Vocal Reverb utilises AI to deliver precise, creative and effective reverb effects on vocals without the need for intricate technical adjustments.

Antares Vocal Reverb: AI-enhanced workflow for curating weighted vocals

Antares’s new Vocal Reverb offers three fundamental algorithms for hall, plate, and room reverb emulations. An additional ten pre and post-effects, including two distinct delay types, allow you to reach higher with the plugin and add more weight to your vocal recordings.

Furthermore, the AI-powered plugin boasts Antares’s own Auto-EQ technology which utilizes Auto-Tune’s pitch-tracking capabilities to refine the reverb signal. Producers can maintain vocal clarity by keeping low frequencies dry, enhancing overall intelligibility.

You’ll also find comprehensive control with pre-reverb effects such as pitch, throat, tube, de-esser, and reverse, in addition to post-reverb processes like tone shaper, compressor, and gate.

Seamlessly integrating into production workflows, Antares Vocal Reverb’s intuitive interface facilitates quick and precise adjustments. Build intricately layered effects in one plugin and make the vocal mixing process simpler.

Key features of Vocal Reverb

  1. AI Assist: Streamline the process of creating desired reverb effects with intelligent recommendations.
  2. Auto-EQ Technology: Use Auto-Tune pitch tracking to adjust the reverb dynamically and ensure a harmonious blend with your vocals.
  3. Versatility in Style: Play with three hall, plate, and room reverbs and see which fits your song best.
  4. Rich Artist Presets: Utilize curated presets from artists.
  5. Customizable Effects: Five pre-verb and five post-verb effects enable you to fine-tune the reverb to match your style.

Pricing and compatibility

Auto-Tune Vocal Reverb is compatible with Windows & Mac (incl. Apple Silicon) in VST3, AU, and AAX plugin formats. The AI reverb plugin is available online for $129.