As is their annual tradition, Baby Audio has released a free festive plugin for the Christmas holidays. Beat Slammer is a free-to-download compressor that promises to add punch, intensity, and a distinctive ‘bouncy’ compression sound to beats, drums, and mix busses.

Unwrap a powerfully simple and free compressor plugin and elevate your beats this holiday season.

Baby Audio continues to make waves with its music production software for producers and electronic artists. The developer has released a free plugin every festive season for three years with Magic Dice in 2021, Pitch Drift in 2022 and Magic Switch in 2020. These plugins don’t disappoint despite their free price tag, and BA’s new Beat Slammer is sure to uphold this reputation.

Baby Audio Beat Slammer free Christmas gift

Derived from the developer’s renowned IHNY-2 parallel compressor plugin, Beat Slammer is designed to be anything but subtle. Being based on Baby’s IHNY-2 compressor, Beat Slammer is designed to offer a similar aggressive compression sound and distinctive ‘bounce’.

Functioning as a parallel compressor, Beat Slammer makes aggressive compression easy. Blend the compressed/wet signal while preserving the dynamics of the dry signal and hear your drums and transients snap and slap.

Beat Slammer features include an XY pad for hands-on control over compression amount and dry/wet mix, as well as adjustments for makeup gain and output.

Although it shares its compression algorithm with the IHNY-2 plugin, Beat Slammer opts for simplicity over the surgical tweak options found in its counterpart. As such, Baby Audio wants Beat Slammer to be the go-to compression tool for those seeking to smash and squash their audio quickly.

Price and combability

Beat Slammer is available for both Windows and Mac platforms in VST/VST3, AU, and AAX plugin formats.

Download the free compressor in Baby Audio’s freebies page which also hosts the developer’s other complimentary offerings like Pitch Drift, Magic Dice and Magic Switch.

Additionally, Baby Audio is extending an exclusive 10% discount on all premium plugins with the promo code REKKERD during checkout.