Roland JUNO-X: 3 powerful synth engines in one

Roland has introduced the JUNO-X, a polyphonic synthesizer that “reimagines the vintage JUNO experience” with an expanded pallette sound possibilities.

Technivation T-Compressor: multiple compressors in one with four compressor modes

Techivation launches T-Compressor, an easy-to-use serial compression plugin with multiple compressor modes for your music productions.

Behringer’s SPACE FX: 32 different effects for $49

SPACE FX is the latest of Behringer’s Eurorack moduels to hit the scene.

Understanding the types of audio and digital cables

The music business is the business of cables. In fact, there is a variety of different types of audio cables. By understanding what purpose each serves, you’ll know when to use each one.

The Teenage Engineering TX-6 handheld mixer: packing more than a punch

Teenage Engineering introduces the TX-6 mixer. Small enough to be hand held, the TX-6 Mixer also features a built-in synth, an instrument tuner digital effects, a drum machine and sequencer functionality too!

Cableguys Kickstart 2: Sidechain your tracks with ease

Sidechaining in music production is like butter to bread. From ducking bass when a kick triggers or more creative sidechaining, you’ll find the technique in every song – especially in EDM. Cableguys Kickstart 2 is here to simplify that process.

5 affordable laptops for music production under £1000

For many, the best laptops for music production are too expensive. So, that’s where the most affordable laptops for music production come in.

What is bouncing in music production?

With your mix completed, it’s time to prepare your song for mastering. It’s time to bounce your tracks!

The 5 best laptops for music production in 2022

You don’t need the fastest system on the market, but laptops suited for music production do have some minimum specification requirements. But what are the best laptops for music production?

ADAM A Series: a highly accurate, transparent sound

ADAM Audio has unveiled the all new A Series. A “highly accurate, transparent sound across a full line of monitors