Bitwig Studio 5.1 is officially released. Packed with new features, 5.1 is swinging heavy hitters with new tools for music producers, electronic musicians and sound designers alike.

Already known for its modular and forward-thinking approach to DAW functionality, Bitwig’s new update introduces a wealth of features that raise the bar higher for modular music makers that thrive in Bitwig’s open-ended creation environment.

What’s new in Bitwig Studio 5.1?

Bitwig Studio 5.1 continues the tradition of pushing boundaries in music production and continues to diversify its offering of powerful tools in its open-ended environment.

Bitwig Studio 5.1’s sonic playground has grown once again with new modules, voice stacking tools, mixer enhancements and more.

Filters & waveshapers

The spotlight of the Bitwig Studio 5.1 update shines on its ten new modules – a mix of four filters and six waveshapers.

These modules each possess a distinctive sonic character and you can seamlessly integrate them into your workflow via the new audio FX containers (Filter+ and Sweep) or via The Grid where they function as patch modules.

  • Filters:
    • Fizz: A versatile filter capable of phasing and formant-like effects.
    • Rasp: A resonant filter for shaping the upper midrange, capable of extreme and “screamy” tones.
    • Ripple: An extremely resonant circuit suitable for creating acid sounds.
    • Vowels: A morphing formant filter that adds a unique touch to sound design.
  • Waveshapers:
    • Push: A soft clipper for gentle signal shaping.
    • Heat: An S-shaped clipper with a distinct tonal character.
    • Soar: A soft wavefolder for reshaping subtle audio details.
    • Howl: Shapes a signal dynamically, allowing different aspects to come into focus for an edgy sound.
    • Shred: A non-linear wavefolder for complex sound manipulation.
    • Diode: A classic modelled circuit for warm and timeless tones.

To harness the power of these new modules, users can seamlessly load them into the new audio FX containers – Filter+ and Sweep.

  • Filter+: Empowers users with 14 waveshapers and 10 filters on any track, channel, or nested chain.
  • Sweep: A filter bank with a routing knob for blending through different patches.

Alternatively, The Grid provides a modular playground for you to explore and integrate these modules into patches.

Voice stacking tools and mixer enhancements

Bitwig Studio 5.1 enhances voice stacking capabilities and enables you to add up to 16 voices per note. You can even animate the behaviour of and add dynamic variations to parameters with eight new Stack Spread modes.

Meanwhile, Bitwig’s mixer has seen a user-friendly makeover and now boasts more customizable GUI features allowing you to tailor the view of the mixer and enhance your workflow.

Bite Oscillator for The Grid and Polymer

Furthermore, Bitwig Studio 5.1 introduces the “Bite” oscillator – a dual oscillator designed for use within The Grid and Polymer.

Bite offers a range of analog controls and modulation options such as hard sync, audio-rate PWM, exponential FM, ring modulation, analog drift and custom shapes. It’s a powerful addition that offers producers a tool for crafting distinctive sounds rich in movement, depth and harmonics.

Quantizing and editing

Bitwig Studio 5.1 advances audio editing and analysis by providing improved control for audio stretching and slicing. The new Quantize Audio feature meanwhile ensures precise alignment.

Pricing and availability

Bitwig Studio 5.1 is a free upgrade for existing users with an active Upgrade Plan. New users however can choose from three editions of Bitwig Studio: Studio Essentials, Studio Producer, and Studio.

Until January 8th, 2024, Bitwig is running a Winter Sale and is offering discounted prices starting at just $79!