SMACK 2: design unique percussion with unrivalled detail

“The next generation of body percussion” has arrived. SMACK 2 is the highly anticipated sequel to the percussion plugin SMACK.

Techivation T-Exciter: add life to sound, save your time

Techivation T-Exciter “brings life to sounds” by musically brightening the highs and adding both width and depth to your sound.

t.akustik LF-D 60 Halifax oak: bass traps for low-end absorption in your home studio

t.akustik’s new LF-D 60 Bass Trap Halifax oak is a bass trap with a specific design for improving room acoustics. You can expect the attennuation of sound reflections between 80 to 500 Hz.

How do audio signals work? How voltage and sound intertwine

Differing pieces of audio gear output and process different audio signals. In fact, it’s easy to identify and match up three of the four audio signals. Microphone, instrument, and speaker level signals are pretty self explainatory.

Roland announces Jupiter-4 Software Synthesizer

The Roland Jupiter-4 Software Synthesizer synth will be available as a Roland Cloud plugin or a System-8 “plug-out”.

Moog Mavis: budget-friendly analog semi-modular synthesizer

The Moog Masis is an affordable semi-modular synthesizer with authentic analog circuitry. You can use it standalone or integrate it into your Eurorack (44HP)

7 ways to reduce background noise while recording

There are a few meanings relative to noise floor. And it’s your job as an independent artist and/or producer to understand each meaning and work around them.

IKEA reveals OBEGRÄNSAD collection in collaboration with Swedish House Mafia

IKEA & Swedish House Mafia present their collaborative project: the OBEGRÄNSAD collection. The OBEGRÄNSAD collection is a range of 20 musician-focused studio furniture products for listening, playing and making music.

Guide to XLR cables: what are microphone cables?

The three pins inside the base of most microphones require an XLR cable (which has three identical holes/pins). There are different types of XLR cables from 3-pin to 7-pin, but 3-pin XLR cables are the most common.

Best vocal pop filters for home recording

If you’re recording vocals, you’ll want to invest in a pop filter to avoid capturing harsh plosives in your recording. Let’s explore what plosive sounds are to determine if pop filters are really so important.