Spotify’s tips to prepare for your release day

Your music has been uploaded, it’s ready to go live on the release date you’ve set – now how do you maximise its performance whilst you wait for the release?

Spotify has a lot of experience in getting people’s music up and ready for the big day when it’s finally available for the world to stream. They’ve just given everyone 11 brilliant tips on maximising your reach and listeners before and after your upcoming release goes live.

When you upload your music through RouteNote for free or through RouteNote Premium then you can take advantage of all of these tips as well as getting your music on all of the world’s favourite streaming services and digital stores. Set your release date when you upload and give yourself enough time to make the most of this advice.

1. Pitch your release for playlist consideration
2. Refresh your Artist Profile
3. Keep building your Spotify followers
4. Create playlists to engage your audience
5. Consider a Marquee or audio ad campaign
6. Update your Artist Pick
7. Share your new music on social media
8. Track your real-time streams on the mobile app
9. Check back in a week to see your stats
10. Take advantage of the many resources Spotify for Artists has for you
11. Stay confident

Check out Spotify’s article for more details and tips for each step of making the most out of your upcoming release.

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