Spotify have introduced Artist Picks, allowing artists to pin some music that they love to the top of their artist page on Spotify and share it with fans.

Spotify have opened up their Artist Picks feature for all artists on Spotify. The new feature allows artists to personally customise their profile page even further with the option to pin a track, album or playlist to the top of their page with a short message. It not only allows artists to add more of a personal touch to their page but also allows them to promote music from friends, up-and-comers, collaborations with other artists or just the music they’re into at the moment.

Spotify tested the feature last month with a select group of artists who chose a variety of Picks:

  • Phoebe Ryan picked her collaboration with The Chainsmokers
  • Sam Smith picked a Liv Dawson album he loves
  • Elton John picked his latest playlist of personal favourites
  • Robot Koch thanked fans for streaming his single over 20m times

Spotify said that: “As a result, artists’ pages became more personal and fans found great new music and playlists.” Now every artist on Spotify can customise their page with a custom pick using Spotify Fan Insights. Once you choose your pick it stays at the top of your profile for 2 weeks unless you change or update it, which can be done at anytime.

Artists will have to be connected to Spotify Fan Insights to be able to select their Picks, which artists can sign up to here. When you’re logged in with the same account that you’ve connected to Fan insights with you simply have to head to your artist page and select your pick and message. Once it’s done it will show up on your artist page on PCs and mobile.

Spotify Pro Tip: “To add emojis to your pick, hit command + control + space on Mac 

Get access to Spotify Fan Insights to get an in-depth look at your performance, fans and access to customisation for your artists page.