With a free RouteNote account, artists and labels can distribute an unlimited number of songs from an unlimited number of artists for free.

RouteNote is the perfect platform for artists and labels looking to distribute endless songs or artists around the world, with zero upfront or recurring costs. Many other distribution platforms that claim “free distribution” limit users by the number of songs or artists they can upload. This can be a huge issue, especially for labels who manage potentially hundreds of artists.

Amuse, for example, requires a Pro account for $59.99 per year to upload multiple artists. DistroKid’s Label subscriptions cost over $1000 per year for those looking to upload up to 100 artists. Ditto costs $299 per year for labels with up to 40 artists. Level charge $20 per year, per five artists uploaded. For more on how RouteNote’s pricing stacks up against the competition, click here.

With a RouteNote Free, RouteNote Premium or RouteNote All Access account you can upload an unlimited number of songs and an unlimited number of artists, with absolutely zero cost for those on our Free tier. Premium artists are charged per releases, so if you want to keep 100% of the revenue, know that additional artists don’t cost an extra penny. For more on All Access, contact us here. Each artist, featuring artist and remixer listed will be given an artist profile on stores such as Spotify, if they don’t already have one. Music will automatically join an existing profile if one already exists, even if they were uploaded with another distributor. See the differences between our tiers here.

Distribution with RouteNote is not only cost efficient, but super simple to use too. Simply sign up for a free account, upload your tracks, artwork and metadata, then select the stores you want to distribute to. Rinse and repeat as many times as you want for each new release.

What are you waiting for? Upload your music with RouteNote today.