Another year of Spotify Wrapped saw a bigger uptick than ever before in sales of artist merchandise and ticket sales.

Each year, Spotify launches it’s years-end celebration of music. The massive musical movement – Spotify Wrapped – brings together each users tastes and listening habits for the year in an attractive, reflective capsule.

It has become a huge moment with billboards around the world shining at users to get their Wrapped, and shares of listeners’ results going wild on social media. But, it’s not just fun for the listeners, it has actually become a really big boon for artists as well.

In 2022, Spotify revealed that they had seen the biggest week of artists sales on their platform since they had launched a merchandise shop. Following Wrapped week, artist merch was flying off of the digital shelves at a higher rate than in Spotify’s history. The results saw the highest-grossing merch sales week and a boost to artist and labels’ income.

With that in mind, Spotify melded merch and Wrapped to another level in 2023. Integrated in listeners’ Wrapped experiences were unique promotions, discounts, and even limited edition items that superfans of artists gained exclusive access to.

They also deepened the connection between artists and fans, offering artists the chance to record a message that their biggest fans would receive. The strengthened bond between artist and audience, plus the extra promotion of merch and concert tickets saw an incredible boost in sales last year.

Spotify wrote that the number of artists to make at least one merch sale on the day of Wrapped’s release was 4x the amount it was in 2022. Likewise, ticket sales for artist concerts increased by 3x that of the year before.

Needless to say, Spotify Wrapped 2024 should only be a bigger event for all involved. Listeners can expect a huge year-in-review experience, and artists should prepare for how to utilise that moment to connect with fans and boost sales.

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