Spotify have just revealed that they have 50 million subscribers, a massive 10 million jump in 6 months that puts the streaming service far in the lead.

Spotify have been comfortably leading the music streaming industry for a few years now, and they’re new subscriber milestone proves that it’s not going to change any time soon. Spotify’s growth has been phenomenal in recent years, starting 2015 with just 15 million subscribers and having now over-tripled that in 2 years.

One of Spotify’s biggest competitors, Apple Music have roughly half the subscribers of Spotify with their last announcement being “well past 20 million subscribers“. On top of their 50 million subscribers Spotify also has around 100 million free users who listen to music with ads on their streaming service.

Spotify revealed the news through a surprisingly humble tweet:

Whilst Spotify are dominating streaming services that doesn’t mean it’s not still a highly competitive space. Many services have had to find unique ways to stand out, with streamers like Apple Music and Tidal nabbing albums for exclusive release on their services.

Spotify however have been looking for unique ways to draw listeners in to their service, adding original podcasts and a new leak suggesting that Spotify will be adding a new Hi-Fi tier to their subscriptions. Assuming it’s real this will be Spotify’s first divergence from their classic Free and Premium models.