Last year PlayStation made Spotify available on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 consoles and a new update has made the PS4 version almost perfect.

Last March PlayStation added the ability to listen to Spotify on their PS3 and PS4 consoles. It was a giant addition that fans loved, allowing them to play music in the background of their games or just chill out to their favourite tunes through the TV easily.

One of the biggest issues plaguing the PlayStation version of Spotify stopping it from being as good as it could be was the fact that whilst you could listen to music whilst playing games, if you wanted to change the track or artist you had to leave the game. An update has fixed that, making Spotify on PlayStation it’s best ever.

Now you can hold the home button whilst playing music from Spotify to bring up a quick menu, overlaid on your screen, where you can skip through your queue or explore playlists featured by PlayStation and Spotify. PlayStation said, with the announcement of the update: “The PlayStation Music team and Spotify have been working with your favourite game creators to create playlists to enhance your gameplay.”

The update also brings with it the ability to organize your music collection into folder and provides HDR functionality for those with HDR-compatible TVs. There are also a number of smaller updates to PS4 that don’t concern music so we didn’t care, but you can check them out yourself here: