Apple recently announced their AirPods, wireless earphones for $160 a pop that could fit down your sink – an issue that has been solved, sort of.

Apple’s new AirPods haven’t been met with the warmest of responses, with criticisms including it’s large price tag, lack of good reason for needing to be wireless, a design that even Google Glass owners would be embarrassed to wear, and the fact that losing $160 worth of tech has never been easier.

Announced alongside the iPhone 7 last week the AirPods are small and wireless, making it seem like they’ve almost been designed to go missing (can anyone think why that might appeal to Apple…?). A solution was required and a solution has been found, and it’s name is irony.

Well actually it’s name is ‘AirPods Strap’ which is, pretty self-evidently, a strap for your AirPods. Wait… I thought AirPods whole appeal was being wireless? You’d be right in thinking that, but in order to make those $160 wireless earphones secure you can add a wire! No this wire doesn’t plug into your iPhone, they’re still wireless earphones they just have a wire (strap) to save you dropping $160 down a drain hole. Haven’t you always wanted wired, wireless earphones?

Apple AirPods wireless earphones
If you say “Bloody AirPods” 3 times in a dark bathroom this face will appear in the mirror

You can’t blame Spigen, developers of the AirPods Strap and many other Apple accessories, they didn’t create the issue; they just saw the problem that everyone saw Apple has created and provided a remedy. If for whatever reason you want to buy a pair of AirPods the AirPods Strap will be a lifesaver and a must have for anyone who doesn’t consider $160 a reasonable price for a pair of earphones. It defeats the point of the AirPods but what was the point in them anyway?

Maybe I’m wrong and AirPods will usher in a new generation for wireless music listening, but I don’t see it.

If you’re planning on getting some AirPods then you’ll probably want to check out the “compact, lightweight, and extremely durable” AirPod Strap from Spigen. For only $10 you can upgrade the wireless AirPods into a sensible product by adding a wire. Pre-order here.