Games on steam’s summer sale with great soundtracks

The infamous Steam Summer Sale is here and there are lots of games with great soundtracks on sale!

Rockstar Games launches record label In partnership with CircoLoco

Dance music promoters CircoLoco and Rockstar Games have teamed up to launch the new record label called CircoLoco Records.

Learn guitar with Ellie in The Last Of Us 2

Everyone’s talking about the last of us for it’s groundbreaking graphics, intense story, exciting gameplay – but you can also play the guitar along to classic rock songs. You can actually learn to play songs…

Get retro video game sounds in this free plugin from Teenage Engineering’s OP-1

Channel your younger self with the classic sounds of chiptune sound effects completely free to create with and use in your music. There’s a lot of love for old video game sounds online and it’s…

Make beats in Roblox with new Splash music maker

Popgun have added their music-making app Splash into Roblox to get kids, or anyone else, making music. Popgun are a music startup with a focus on how to make music creation interesting using AI. Their…

How to stream Spotify whilst using Discord

You don’t have to end your voice chats to listen to music, in fact you can share what your listening to with friends on Discord. When you’re chatting to friends on Discord you don’t want…

How to stream Spotify on Xbox One and Playstation consoles

Here’s how you can stream Spotify from your console and play your favourite tracks as you play games. Streaming music from one of the world’s favourite music streaming services on your favourite consoles is simple….

40 years of video game music in 2 minutes (video)

Internet bass legend turned YouTube memer Davie504 breaks down all of the biggest games and gaming moments with one instrument in just over 2 minutes.