AeroBand PocketDrum lets you play drums without the drum kit

PocketDrum are Bluetooth drumsticks that pair with your phone to remove the big, bulky, expensive and noisy aspect of playing the drums.

Clubhouse adds a new Music Mode with improved audio quality in stereo

Boost the quality of your music streams and jam sessions on social audio app Clubhouse with their new Music Mode.

Track and manage your music credit statistics with Muso.AI

Free app Muso.AI allows music professionals and businesses to view and manage all of their music credits in one place.

YouTube Premium subscribers can now turn on picture-in-picture on iPhone

One of YouTube’s most demanded features is potentially coming to the app, however it is only currently available for Premium subscribers.

Get a hit of nostalgia with this iPod-style web browser

Get a hit of nostalgia in your music playing with this brilliant iPod classic themed browser.

London Grammar release meditative and mindfulness mixes of Californian Soil exclusively on Calm

English indie pop band London Grammar team up with meditation app Calm for three exclusive remixes of tracks from their latest album.

Facebook may announce new features to rival Clubhouse

Later today, Facebook are thought to be announcing new features and expand existing features all under the category of ‘Social Audio’.

Microsoft confirm they are in talks with the US Government and TikTok to buy the app

Tensions between TikTok and the US Government heat up, as ByteDance (TikTok’s parent company) are forced to close opporations in the US or sell the app. One month after India officially banned the Chinese-owned app…

The 10 top music artists on TikTok 2020

TikTok is huge and for every TikTok dance there’s a viral song behind the craze. Who exactly are the biggest musical artists on TikTok? We’re breaking down the artists who have had the biggest success…

New Amazon Alexa app update gives it a redesign

Amazon have updated their Alexa app, to put your most used features and the Alexa assistant right on the home screen. Rather than showing the date, weather and a list of third-party skill suggestions, the…