Spotify have launched Artist Fundraising Pick so that artists can add a fundraiser to their profile which fans can donate to.

For the last month Spotify having been building a fantastic new addition to their streaming platform in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s now live and available for all artists through Spotify for Artists.

The new Artist Fundraising Pick allows every artist to select a destination for donations to go to and add it prominently on their profile so that listeners can donate directly from their favourite artist’s Spotify page.

Artists can choose a charity of their choice or, as these as very difficult times for artists with gigs completely cancelled, they can choose to raise funds for themselves, their bands, their team, or label. All with the click of a button.

Their partnership with Cash app means that artists will be able to raise even more money. The app have set up a $1 million relief effort for artists when they use it as their Artist Fundraising Pick. They will receive an extra $100 in their account from their first contribution of any size through Spotify until they have collectively shared $1 million.

Spotify say:

This is an incredibly difficult time for many Spotify users and people around the world — and there are many worthy causes to support at this time. With this feature, we simply hope to enable those who have the interest and means to support artists in this time of great need, and to create another opportunity for our COVID-19 Music Relief partners to find the financial support they need to continue working in music and lift our industry.

Find out more on the Spotify Artists’ blog and head to your Spotify for Artists account now to add your Artist Fundraising Pick.