DIY Till We Die: Eeasy Records

We chatted to Charlie Wyatt, founder of Leeds based Eeasy Records. Charlie gives us two sides of the story, one from a bands perspective and the other as a label owner.

A Near-unknown Record Has Sold On Discogs For $41,000 Leaving Producer Baffled

The producer in question Scaramanga Silk, who won’t profit off the sale to anonymous bidder, is left confused by the surprise sale.

DIY Till We Die: Beth Shalom Records

After getting an artists perspective on the DIY ethos we wanted to chat to some DIY labels, kicking things off is the London based Beth Shalom Records.

DIY Till We Die: Jack Swing

We caught up with Isaiah Ross of Jack Swing to discuss his experiences as an independent artist, DIY scenes and much more.

DIY Till We Die: Magick Mountain

We caught up with Lins Wilson of Magick Mountain to chat about her experiences of operating as an independent artist and much more.

DIY Till We Die: Milo Gore

We caught up with South West based indie artist Milo Gore to chat about his experiences operating as an independent artist, his debut LP and much more.

DIY Till We Die: Pretty Preachers Club

We Spoke To Martha McKay Of Pretty Preachers Club About Life As A DIY Artist, The Pros and Cons and much more!

Spotify Donates $500,000 To Struggling Music Venues

The streaming giant has teamed up with NIVA to support performances a indie venues across teh U.S.

AIM Connected Returns March 11th 2021

The Association of Independent Music (AIM) announces return of their flagship independent music conference.