Apple are gearing up to release the rumoured AirPods Pro Lite, a cheaper variant of the AirPods Pro.

Reports suggest the AirPods Pro Lite will look exactly the same as the current AirPods Pro but without Active Noise Cancellation.

They were initially to be announced at Apple’s March event, but after that was cancelled, conflicting reports suggest the AirPods Pro Lite will be released in May 2020 or late this year. They may be released alongside the rumoured over-ear headphones Apple are working on.

Personally I don’t like the name. Pro, Lite seems to contradict itself. It would make more sense to launch these earphones in place of the current $199 ‘AirPods’ and keep the ‘Pro’ tag for the $249 noise cancelling version. However with all rumours pointing to them being called ‘AirPods Pro Lite’, I think $199 still marks a good price point for this product, with the current AirPods with Wireless Charging Case being lowered to $159 in place of the AirPods with Wired Charging Case or axed all together.