How to delete a single photo or video from a carousel on Instagram

One of the latest updates to Instagram now allows users to delete individual photos or videos from Feed multi-posts.

How to block users on Spotify

A new feature on Spotify makes blocking other users easier than ever, so they can’t access your profile, playlists or listening activity.

Twitch ‘Boosts’ is a marketing tool paid for by viewers

Twitch are testing a new controversial feature called ‘Boosts’ that promotes creators’ streams when viewers pay Twitch.

Clubhouse will soon introduce a new way to form a live audio room with friends

Source code found in the app, along with a Tweet from Clubhouse all but confirms a new ‘Waves’ feature in the social audio app.

Reverb’s new Collections feature allows you to track the value of your music gear over time

The Etsy owned new and used music gear marketplace allows you to see the value of each of instruments with dynamic pricing.

Microsoft tease Focus Sessions on Windows 11 – a timer feature with Spotify integration

Built-in to the Clock app on Windows 11, Focus Sessions combines a timer, tasks list, Spotify player and daily progress.

Spotify ‘What’s New’ is a feed of all the latest releases from the artists and podcasts you follow

‘What’s New’ from Spotify brings together all of the new single, albums and podcasts from all of the artists and creators you follow.

Apple Music adds the ability to share lyrics and music clips on Instagram Stories or iMessage

iOS 14.5 Beta 2 reveals a neat new trick that allows Apple Music users to quickly share lines of lyrics on Instagram Stories.

YouTube are testing a new ‘Clips’ feature to help you share small segments of videos

YouTube have started rolling out a Twitch-like ‘Clips’ feature, allowing creators and viewers to share 5-60 second segments from any upload or stream.

Spotify’s newly granted patent could allow the company to monitor your speech to improve its music recommendations

Filed back in 2018, Spotify’ recently approved patent describes how the streaming company could monitor users’ speech and emotions to suggest personalized music.