Spotify claim that the second half of 2015 saw their best growth ever for paying subscribers.

2015 has been a landmark year for streaming with the first music industry growth for years, two massive new services, and the ever-increasing prevalence of streaming to name but a few of this years achievements. Whilst Spotify remain the biggest streaming service in the world (or 2nd to Pandora if not) this year could have seen a decline in their use, particularly thanks to Apple’s new rival service Apple Music.

Instead however Spotify continued on introducing a host of new features for 2015 to keep users interested and bring in new customers. They are now revealing a little about how 2015 actually affected their growth. Avoiding specific numbers Spotify’s head of communications Jonathan Prince said: “The second half of 2015 was our fastest subscriber growth ever.”

Until now Spotify have been quiet about subscribers from June in 2015 when they revealed they had 20 million subscribers, double the year before. Judging by those numbers we have to assume that Spotify has beat the 25 million subscriber mark.

Leading up to 2016 Spotify said that they were expecting to reach a million total users by the year’s end, but having heard nothing since it remains unknown what the numbers are really looking like at Spotify. Spotify announced that its overall users had reached 75 million in June 2015 – so with a predicted 5+ million paid subscribers, assuming free users grew more than that they must be close to 100 million if not there already but keeping it quiet.

Whatever the case expect to hear the news that Spotify have reached 100 million users very soon as they enter what will most likely be streaming’s biggest year yet – 2016.