Would you switch to another mobile phone provider for free music? If so, you’re not alone.

A survey by MusiComms presented at CES this week showed that 40% of customers would change the provider of their mobile plan if it came with a free music streaming subscription. Out of the 4000 people surveyed nearly half answered that a bundle package with free music would be enough to convince them to change service.

Juliet Shavit, Executive Director of MusiComms, said: “The numbers are very compelling and the timing is crucial. Consumers are telling us how they want their music delivered and what value they place on it. If I were a service provider, I would be listening intently and planning for the future based on these preferences.”

This could be seen to show that people don’t place too much value on their providers, but I think the case is more that this represents the importance of music streaming today. Rewind ten years and music streaming services were barely in their foundations. Rewind another five and music streaming is gaining traction but the majority are still disinterested. Back to the present and music streaming holds enough significance in our lives that it’s beginning to inform our purchases beyond the platform itself. As it stands mobile providers have just begun acknowledging the importance of music streaming today, T-Mobile are however pioneering the movement by offering a data plan that excludes certain music streaming services from the cost.

Another result from MusiComm showed that 25% of consumers would purchase a streaming subscription from their car manufacturer, something that is beginning to trend as more modern high-end cars partner with music streaming services like Tesla with Spotify and BMW with Deezer. Although we may not yet be at a stage where music streaming in cars is cheap enough to be commonplace, hopefully these results will push mobile networks and providers to provide more options for music streaming in their plans. I know I’d change mobile plans if it saved me the extra £9.99 I spend on a streaming subscription every month.