2015 has been an incredible year for music with vinyl’s resurgence picking up even more pace, new players in the music streaming industry and now the news that within those 365 days in 2015 music streaming figures doubled.

New reports show that the figures for streaming in the US in 2015 had doubled to 317.2 billion songs compared to the 164.5 billion tracks that were streamed in 2014. Using the transfer rate of 1,500 song streams equalling an album this translates to 211.5 million stream equivalent albums, over double 2014’s 109.7 million.

Compared to the rise from 106.1 billion to 164.5 billion streams between 2013-2014 this is a groundbreaking rise. Though the statistics were no doubt led by music streaming veterans YouTube, Spotify and Pandora it’s also likely that the introduction of Apple Music and Tidal gave the industry a boost.

On it’s own this is a pretty remarkable achievement but considering music streaming was already largely popular in 2014 it goes to show music streaming is really dominating. In addition despite numerous claims that streaming is killing the industry in 2015 album sales saw an increase of 15.2  percent, selling 549.4 million albums in 2015. (Album sales include physical and digital sales, and track equivalent albums where 10 track sales equal an album sale).

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