Spotify Officially Debuts Voice Commands

Image credit: Heidi Fin

Spotify has debuted its long rumoured “Hey Spotify” wake word for listeners, meaning you can use the app hands free.

It’s been long rumoured that the Stockholm based streaming giant had plans to add a voice-activated system to their platform. The rumours have now become true as they launch their “Hey Spotify” wake word, which will allow you to navigate their app with our voice. 

To activate this all you need to do is head to the “Voice” section of the Spotify app (found in settings) and activate the “Hey Spotify” function. The service will then listen for the wake word but the app must be open on your screen. 

Once the wake words have been spoken users will see an on-screen text reading “Try saying an artist, song, or playlist name.” It’s similar to when you use your Alexa or other smart home devices to navigate the streaming service. 

In addition to this Spotify recently debuted an array of other experience-minded functions, including a system that inserts “Slow Down” songs into playlists when listeners approach a school zone. 

This is likely the beginning of a range of functional improvements that Spotify aims to release throughout the year, as they patented a variety of functions in late 2020 and early 2021. 

One said patent is the spoken word analyser, which would identify song lyrics with AI and classic the works accordingly. Plus, Spotify is likely to add the in-house music video system that will allow users to watch music videos from artists in Spotify, a move to combat YouTube

Spotify also plans on expanding its ever-growing Podcast space and plans to add functionality for AMA’s, debates, real-time discussions, and much more. 

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