Image Credit: Spotify

‘On Repeat’ becomes the second personalised playlist from Spotify to open up to advertising sponsorships, after ‘Discover Weekly’ in 2019.

Launched in 2019 Spotify’s personalised On Repeat playlist offers listeners a tailored selection of the songs they’re listening to most at the moment. Though Spotify has opened many of their curated playlists to sponsors, On Repeat becomes only the second algorithm driven, personalised playlist to become available to sponsorship after Discover Weekly in 2019. Rather than Spotify Free listeners hearing and seeing a random selection of audio and video messages, brands can sponsor an entire playlist for one week. This means each listener hears different messages from the same company end-to-end across a playlist.

Opening up personalised playlists is a big deal as these playlists pull in a huge number of streams. On Repeat has pulled in 12 billion streams and over 750 million hours of listening since its launch in September 2019. Topping the “most repeated” listens list include the likes of Bad Bunny, The Weeknd and Ariana Grande. All personalised playlists are available in the recently expanded Made For You hub, that now includes new genre, artist and decade mixes.

Advertisers can find more about Sponsored Playlists on Spotify’s advertising site. The feature is open to brands across 30 global markets. The first US company to sponsor On Repeat is TurboTax. In a statement about the launch, the company said:

Like music, taxes are not one size fits all. Every tax situation is unique and every individual’s needs are different. We’re using Spotify’s deep connection to its engaged listeners to get in front of consumers and show them that with TurboTax you can get the expertise you need on your terms. With Spotify, we’re able to get both reach and unique targeting that ensures the right audiences know about the tools, guidance and expertise that TurboTax offers.

Cathleen Ryan, VP of Marketing, TurboTax