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Spotify Blend playlists should change daily. So why does your Blend not seem to be updating as promised?

Are you getting a “Spotify Blend not found” error message on your Blend Spotify playlists? Let’s see if we can fix that.

Spotify Blend should work for both free and premium Spotify subscribers. It combines your music taste with up to 10 friends to create a playlist that shows off all your music tastes – introducing each other to new artists and genres.

It’s a cool feature and annoying when it doesn’t work like it should.

Spotify Blend not updating?

Are the same tracks hanging round for months on end on your Spotify Blend? Sometimes songs on the playlist might say “Added 1 day ago” – despite having been on the playlist for weeks.

Blend works best when you listen to new music, as Spotify is constantly listening, learning from your music tastes to recommend new songs. In order for Blend playlists to update and give a varied mix of songs, you need to be listening to new music that isn’t just from your Made For You mixes or current Blend mix.

Another reason Blend is staying the same could be that you and your friends aren’t liking enough songs or following new artists. Try exploring some new music and you should see the difference in your Blend in a couple of weeks.

When you first Blend with another user or group of friends, the recommendations come from the songs you’re individually listening to at that particular time, and will evolve as you keep liking new songs.

If not, the changes might simply be too subtle to immediately notice, like a difference in the order of the songs.

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Spotify Blend not loading?

If the issue is that your Blend mix isn’t showing up at all – with a “Spotify Blend not found” message or “Something went wrong. Try again” popping up – work your way through this checklist before messaging Spotify’s help forums.

  • Make sure your app is updated to the latest version and clear your cache, then sign in again.
  • Try reinstalling the app.
  • Delete the Blend playlist, and create a fresh one with the same songs.

How to leave a Spotify Blend

One reported error on Spotify is a user being unable to leave a Blend playlist, despite toggling off the green heart or selecting “Remove From Your Library” on the playlist menu.

To solve the problem, check your app is updated, clear your cache. Try “Signing out everywhere” from your Account here, then logging back in and trying again.

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