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After being rumored for a number of weeks, Instagram confirms they are simplifying videos on the platform by offering just one format.

Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri announced a number of updates to Reels in a recent video. Stressing their continued focus on videos, in the coming weeks, going forward, all videos under 15 minutes will be posted to Instagram as Reels. For this reason, all video uploads will get the same Reels editing features and be viewable by anyone in the main Reels tab. Private users’ videos will only be shown to followers. Existing videos won’t become Reels, but the videos tab on your profile is going. All videos on your profile will be found under the Reels tab, as on the image above.

Ignoring Stories and Live videos, since merging IGTV and feed videos, there have been two main video formats on Instagram: Reels and Feed videos. While this latest move will no doubt simplify videos on Instagram, it could lead to a worse experience on Reels overall. Today, Reels are full of short-form, music-focused, fun, looping videos. However not all videos uploaded to Instagram are edited with Reels in mind.

Instagram also announced a number of other smaller updates to Reels, including improvements to Remixes. Remixes allow users to take any existing video on Instagram to build a Reel from it. This latest move allows users to create Remixes from photos. There are also new layout options available, like picture-in-picture, green screen, and horizontal or vertical split-screen. You can now also add a video to the end of an existing Reel. These updates provide a great way for users to add commentary during or after existing videos or photos.

Three screenshots showing the new Reels Remix features
Image Credit: Instagram

Reels will also introduce dual cameras, a BeReal-esque move, which will let Instagram make use of the front and rear cameras on your phone, to record video from both, simultaneously. Finally, there’s some new Reels templates. Templates preload audio and clip placeholders, so all you need to do is drop your own photos or video clips. These are a great option for creators looking for a little inspiration.

Two screenshots showing dual cameras and Reels templates
Image Credit: Instagram

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